Grade 9 Career Exploration: Getting ready for Grade 10 Subjects Choice


Choosing subjects in grade 9 can be a daunting task. Why not get guidance in choosing subjects that will help you thrive in your career choice. The Grade 9 Career Exploration book by Evelyn Motsatsing, a career coach, and founder of Infotree Growth Resources guides young people through the subject choice process.

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The author has divided the book into three sections: Know Yourself, Know About Careers and Know About Education and emphasizes that Grade 9 is about the learner getting to know herself/himself.

She starts the book with chapters that tackle topics such as what the grade 9 year is about, explaining the differences between Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, choosing grade 10 subjects and why people work.

These are followed by guiding the learner to knowing herself; with topics that include discovering the dreams and aspirations of the young person, the abilities of the learner, the preferences of the learner, whether they prefer working with ideas, data, people, or hands. This discovery process is complemented by examples of careers aligned with those aspirations, abilities, and preferences.

The Getting to Know about Careers section introduces learners to the concept of career clusters. The author explains to learners how occupations are grouped and also details what those grouped occupations focus on. This chapter also has examples of careers associated with the groupings.

The section about Getting to Know about Education is covered last, as the author believes that young people have to know themselves first, then find careers that aligned with who they are before choosing what to study. Learners are presented with subjects to choose from, often, without an explanation of what those subjects mean and how they are aligned to careers.

In this section, the author explains what some of the high school subjects are about and the kind of careers they are associated with. Learners get to understand where subjects such as English, History, Geography, etc can take them in their working lives.

Towards the end, the author invites the learners to summarize what they have learnt about themselves to help them paint a clearer picture of who they are and their areas of interest.

The last part of the book gives a sample of careers for learners to explore and learn more about what people in those occupations do, the educational requirements related to those occupations and the traits that a person needs to enjoy that particular work.


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