Is This You?

  • You’ve been so busy with school work that you have not spent any time thinking about career choices.
  • You don’t have an idea about what your talents and interests are and how they link to possible careers.
  • You are worried about making the right career choices and you do not know where to start.

At InfoTree we know what it’s like to feel lost and confused about which direction to go. It gets so much better when you have a plan. We will help you put that plan in place.

Even though your plans will change and grow over time, having a base plan to work from will help so much.

How Do We Work Together?

Courses and Workshops

We offer online courses to assist you on the path of discovery to your career path. These courses include:

  • Career Path
  • Be the change (Discover The Superhero Inside Of You)
  • Having The Bounce Back and Forward Factor.
  • Me Inc, My Life Plan

Career Coaching​

Uncover What You Love, What You Are Good At, and The Difference You Want to Make in the World. Then Tie This to a Career Choice That You Will Enjoy.
Whether you are in high school and are uncertain about your career path, or you are in university trying to figure out the next steps, we are with you.

• In-person career coaching
• Career Centre
• Online courses
• Guides

Online Resources

We offer free advise in on our website through regular blog articles and newsletters.

Check out the resources tab and subscribe to our newsletters.


We Partner With Schools

Helping schools to support young people as they transition to high school as well as preparing for post-matric.
Partner with schools and provide resources, training and support to empower young people

• Career Guidance
• Character Education
• Leadership Program