Who we are

Located in Countryview, Midrand, it is the mission of Infotree Growth Resources to empower young people by helping them to discover their unique talents and interests, to gain more knowledge about the world of work and to use the knowledge as a guide towards creating fulfilling careers. Our aim is to take the confusion and stress out of making career decisions.

So many students who come to us are overwhelmed about making career decisions. 

We are here to help you!

Our Vison

A world where young people use their talents and abilities to inspire and empower their communities.

Our Mission

Inform, Inspire and Empower young people to realize their full potential



We believe that all young people have the capacity to live fulfilling, productive lives and make positive contributions to their communities.

Our Offerings

We assist young people to discover their dreams, connect to their talents and gifts, take charge of their future and create fulfilling lives and careers. We want to ensure that the youth of today have a purpose in life, which will benefit themselves, their families, their communities and the country. Young people are our future, with the world at their feet and the dreams to make our country of tomorrow even better than today.

We help young people

  • To uncover dreams and give hope. 
  • To help solve barriers to employment and career success. 
  • To identify, listen, and support purpose-driven aspirations.
  • By providing a safe space where young people can discuss areas of concern and problem solve.