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Featured Products and Services

Grade 9 Career Exploration: Getting ready for Grade 10 Subjects Choice

Choosing subjects in grade 9 can be a daunting task. Why not get guidance in choosing subjects that will help you thrive in your career choice.

The Grade 9 Career Exploration book by Evelyn Motsatsing, a career coach, and founder of Infotree Growth Resources guides young people through the subject choice process.


Preparing you for Tomorrow’s World of Work Today

An inspiring and empowering course for young people who are in the process of making career choices. This includes interests assessments, a course and a report that is customised to your interests and abilities, to help you in your career choice journey.

Pop-Up Career Expo

Equipping South African youth with information, to assist them in their transition from high school to higher education and the world of work.

The Pop-Up Career Expo is an on-the-premises career expo offering by Infotree Growth Resources. The expo is portable and can be brought to the school, workplace or any other venue that the customer prefers.

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